Products refers to primary items of equipment without accessories. Any product or combination of products in the Aquasystems range can be supplied in "Standard", "Option" or "Special" versions. Aquasystems pride themselves on their abilty to adapt products to suit site specific dimensional, process or operational requirements. For example Model AER-AS can be adapted to suit water level, water level variation, basin construction, wastewater characteristics, mixing energy, duty cycle and the influence of other equipment.

O + M Manuals

All Aquasystems equipment is supplied with factory prepared Operations & Maintenance Manuals in PDF format.


Mooring/Mounting Systems

Mooring and Mounting systems are optional accessories. They are designed and manufactured for each application. Systems range from very basic to very complex designs depended on the basin shape and dimensions, water level variation, number of items installed and various other factors. Aquasystems supply a complete kitset incorporating all components and hardware necessary to successfully moor or mount the equipment.

Electrical Cable Systems

Electrical cables are optional accessories. If ordered, equipment installed with standard IP56 rated motors may be specified with cable as one of three options:

  1. Cut to length, coiled and factory wired
  2. Cut to length, coiled and NOT factory wired
  3. Supplied as a bulk lot either coiled or on a spool

Equipment installed with IP68 rated motors are always factory wired to ensure validity of the warranty relating to the connection. Cable floats can be supplied if it is not desired to have the power cable connected to the mooring cable or resting on the basin floor. Motors can be factory wired with PTC cables if thermistors are to be used. Anti-condensation heater cables are also factory wired if heaters are installed.