Selection + Sizing

Water and wastewater engineering is a diverse field requiring a diverse range of equipment and technologies. Often several products can perform a particular function but one is always more suited to a specific application than the others. Correct selection and sizing provides optimal results, longest service life, lowest maintenance and the most cost effective solution.


Aquasystems products are designed to operate as either standalone products or in combination with other products in the range. A small selection of typical product combinations is shown in the Aqua Turbo® + Aqua Decant® Combination Systems section of this website or in Downloads/General/Product Overview + Selection Guide.pdf. Combination systems provide "single-source" compatability, which optimises the performance of all components.

Tech Data Sheets

Application engineers are available to offer advice and technical support in the selection and sizing of equipment for your application. To assist our engineers to provide accurate and comprehensive recommendations please complete the online enquiry form.

We like drawings !

Drawings, hand sketches, flow sheets, plant schematics etc. all help to paint an accurate picture of the application. The more complete the input data the more complete the design calcs and recommendation will be.

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