FRED - Model (PNG - 19kb)FRED - Action Shot (PNG - 19kb)Radial mixing draws surface FOG towards the centric downdraft flow of the dual-action impeller where the homogenization phase allows re-entrainment with the biological process. FRED prevents settlement and crust formation as well as mixing the entire basin. Nothing is discharged from the basin.


High FOG + scum conditions
Viscous + sludge bulking problems
Grease trap upstream of biological reactor


1.1 - 22kW
4-Pole Speed, direct drive
2 + 3 Float options
AISI 304/316 or special SS


Special dual-action impeller
Excellent mixing performance
Reliable + non-clogging design
Simple installation + removal
Brochure-download (PNG - 2kb)


Pontoon mount only
Vertical operation only
1 x Surface drive
Fixed or variable WL.