AER-F [ES] ModelAER-F [ES] Action ShotDesigned for bridge or platform mounting in basins with fixed or minimal water level variation. Can be installed and removed as a fully assembled unit through a hole in the platform without draining the basin. The length can be manufactured to suit virtually any platform to water level measurement..


Aerated basins + tanks
Activated-sludge processes
Aerobic digestion processes
Oxidation ditches


0.75 - 200kW
4, 6 + 8-Pole Speeds, direct drive
Draught/extended shaft to suit WL
AISI 304/316 or special SS


Easy access
Virtually zero maintenance
Spray openings can align with columns
Installed + removed thru hole in bridge

Brochure-download (PNG - 2kb)


Fixed bridge/platform mount only
Vertical operation only
1 x Surface drive
Fixed or minimal WL variation

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