AER-GS Model (PNG - 32kb)AER-GS Action ShotTotally independent aerator and mixer. Blower operation and frequency can regulate oxygen supply from zero to maximum capacity, whilst retaining full mixing and oxygen dispersion capability, therefore ideal for SBR, MBR reactors. Available as submerged drive or surface drive with extended shaft.


Activated-sludge + aerobic digestion
SBR + MBR - Oxygen regulation
Also ideal for deep tanks + high MLSS


1.1 - 30kW
10 - 42rpm, geared drive
350 - 3,250m³/h Airflow
AISI 304/316 or special SS


Independent aeration + mixing
High oxygen transfer + dispersion
Intensive low energy to volume mixing
Non-clogging + low bubble coalescence

Brochure-download (PNG - 2kb)


Fixed bridge + floor-mount only
Vertical operation only
1 x Submerged or surface drive
Fixed or variable WL

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